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Diocese of Lichfield

Prayer point for April 16, 2018

Carlisle -The Rt Revd James Newcome and The Rt Revd Robert Freeman

Local: The parish of Shrewsbury Holy Cross in the deanery of Shrewsbury

Vicar- The Revd Paul Firmin, LLMs- Mr Michael Duckett, Mrs Dianna Firmin,

CWs- Mrs Anne Grudgin, Mr Kenneth Poulter,

For the conclusion of all the building works on the exterior of the Abbey – that it may be a scaffold-free place – and the subsequent internal works proceed well. For our Ministry of Welcome to the Abbey and to St. Peter’s – especially we pray that tourists and visitors may become pilgrims, pilgrims may become worshippers and worshippers may become witnesses. For all who help to lead the worship, prayer and outreach life of the parish – at the Abbey, at St. Peter’s and at the Parish Hall The Revd Paul Firmin

Today: 16th-18th April, meeting of Diocesan Bishops & Archbishops, Merville, Northern France

For you, a bishop; with you, a Christian’ (St Augustine). We pray for the diocesan bishops and archbishops of the Church of England gathering in Merville, that they may be given a fresh sense of discipleship so that they may lead your people by following Jesus. +Michael Ipgrave

A meeting of the Wolverhampton Episcopal Area Mission and Pastoral Committee- 7.15pm

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