PrayerMate Send Privacy FAQ


The PrayerMate Send service is subject to PrayerMate's standard Privacy Policy. The following FAQ is designed to address some additional questions that arise due to the nature of the service.

How is PrayerMate Send data stored?

The content of emails sent to the PrayerMate Send service get encrypted and stored in the main PrayerMate Platform database so that you can administer them. They are also uploaded to the Google Firebase Cloud Storage area to allow approved users to download them through the PrayerMate client app. Files in Cloud Storage are encrypted at rest in Google's highly secure data centres, and security rules ensure that only those users who are approved to access your feed are able to download them.

Embedded images and attached PDFs are stored in the Google Firebase Cloud Storage area.

Who can see my data?

Once you approve a user to access a particular feed, they can access the most recent update (including any text, embedded photos or attached PDFs) until such time as you revoke access. They may still be able to view the most recent prayer update at that point for a limited time, but they will not receive any new updates that are published.

Although we disable the built-in "Share" button in the mobile app for these secure feeds, there is nothing to stop subscribers from taking a screenshot and sharing them outside of the app. For this reason, some users have a standard header at the top of each email reminding people not to share the contents.

The PrayerMate Platform hides the content of secure feeds from PrayerMate staff.

How are PrayerMate Send privacy controls enforced?

Google Firebase enforces security rules to make sure that only users who have been explicitly granted access are able to download the content of secure feeds.

Backup policies

We store daily backups of the encrypted form of the PrayerMate Platform database.