EFCC Prayer Focus

exalting Christ in growing healthy churches

Prayer points for December 05, 2023

Latimer Congregational Church, Grovehill Road, Beverley, East Yorkshire Pray for Discoverers (children 5 – 10), Impact (11 up) meet on Mondays, and Toddlers (meet on Tuesdays). We have good contacts and invites will be going to join us for the Carol Service (17th). Pray the Lord will work in drawing people to himself.

Cannon Park Congregational Church, Middlesbrough

PRAY for the situation in the Eston church Middlesbrough, pray that the ongoing hope of the work starting again there in that very needy area will soon be a reality.

Honiton Congregational Church, Devon

Join with us in praying for the safe delivery of our Christmas shoe boxes sent by Blythswood to the Ukraine. There are boxes for children and adults. Pray for churches there as they distribute the boxes and for those receiving them that they might appreciate the love of Christ shown to them and read the literature enclosed.

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