EFCC Prayer Focus

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Prayer points for August 01, 2022

Birstall Community Church Please pray for unity and the Lord’s blessing on us as we pray for the revitalisation of the church.

Latimer Congregational Church, Beverley, East Yorkshire

Continue to pray for all Ministers that they will know a full measure of the Lord’s presence and blessing during their holidays and as they pick up Ministry on return.

Morley Community Church, West Yorkshire

Our youth camp starts today at High Legh in Cheshire. Thank the Lord that we have been able to recruit 17 campers – virtually all from totally non-Christian backgrounds. Warrington Youth For Christ are providing a speaker who will share the gospel in the evening sessions. Several of the campers have been on previous camps – pray that this year will be the time when they feel a touch from the Lord and respond to Him in repentance and faith.

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