EFCC Prayer Focus

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Prayer points for December 28, 2021

Honiton Evangelical Congregational Church, Devon On Saturday November 6th we held a church open day at which we showed a power-point presentation of the church’s past history and had a number of artefacts which we had unearthed on display. There was a good response and some conversations showed how spiritually needy people in the community are.

November 13th/14th was our 250th Anniversary Weekend. Pray not just that we have been encouraged by considering God’s past faithfulness but that we will be full of new zeal for the future.

November 21st we held our annual Civic Service. Often these occasions have been of value in that some of the Councillors who attend have been surprisingly open to conversation on spiritual things. Pray for a harvest from these contacts and for wisdom in how to follow them up.

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