EFCC Prayer Focus

Prayer points for April 01, 2021

Honiton Evangelical Congregational Church, Devon From 29th March it will be possible to meet in groups of six outdoors - the impact on the church of virtually having face to face fellowship removed has been considerable. Pray for the weather to enable us to take new opportunities and that the Lord's people will be encouraged by this small step forward. From 29th March we may be able to be joined by those who are committed to attending our church but live at a significant distance from the church. The enforced separation has been hard for them. On 31st March we are planning to have an on-line Toddlers' Group song time. We have been recording the weekly song time and making it available, but this is the first 'live' event. Please pray it will be effective. Many of the adults who bring toddlers have kept up good links with those who lead the group. Pray for spiritual fruit from this work.

Reeth Evangelical Congregational Church, North Yorkshire

We hope to have a Good Friday service online at 11am on 2nd April and likewise an Easter Sunday service at 11am on 4th April. Both can be accessed via our church website.

Village Temple, Mynydd Isa, Flintshire, North Wales

Easter cards have been delivered in the village. Although we cannot invite people to our Easter services because of limited accommodation, please pray that the message in them will be read and that people will be led to our web site to the video recordings of the Easter message.

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