EFCC Prayer Focus

Prayer points for February 01, 2021

The Quinta Church, Weston Rhyn, Shropshire Pray for wisdom during lock down. Pray for good spiritual health and where appropriate physical health. Pray for all in the NHS risking their own health serving others.

Bulkington Congregational Church, Warwickshire

Pray for Andy as he commences his pastorate today, praising God for providing us with a new undershepherd without interruption following Peter Mackenzie's call to Melbourne Hall, Leicester. Remember Peter and Sue as they have all the upheavals of moving to a new house and pray for them both as he takes up the work at the beginning of March.

Staines Congregational Church, Middlesex

Following the favourable feedback from our Christmas window walk we have organised a 'Teddy Trail' window walk with a teddy bear being the common feature in the display. We are using verses from the Bible around the theme of 'bearing' and 'bears'! The displays will run until Sunday 21st Feb. We pray that It will give another great opportunity to share our faith within our community.

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