Prayer is a powerful privilege, but it's hard work - the Apostle Paul compares it to a wrestling match!

PrayerMate helps you organise your prayer life so you can focus on what matters. Just look at what can happen through the power of prayer:

Liz James
“PrayerMate asked me to pray for Eritrea this morning. And then this happens: #Ethiopia and #Eritrea made a historic breakthrough & agreed to end the state of war that lasted for two decades today.”
Liz James
via Twitter
Paul Tripp
“PrayerMate has made me more faithful in praying for people than ever before”
Paul Tripp
Pastor & Author

Build a daily prayer habit

PrayerMate keeps track of what you're praying for, so you never forget to pray for the people and causes you care about. Our daily reminders help keep you on track.

Love this great app!

This app has been so helpful for praying intentionally and consistently. I love the biblical prayers and how easy it is to start praying!


Very easy to get started

Love the alarm feature to remind me to pray. Love the cards that pull in prayers and world missions for me to pray for.

Shannon Mejia

Powerful tool for a consistent prayer life

Thank you Prayer Mate for creating this tool to help me use my phone for God’s Kingdom! So helpful, God bless you!

Blind Betty

Pray together in groups

Create a prayer group and start sharing prayer requests and praying for each other. Pray with your spouse, your Bible study group, or your friends. Don't wait until you see each other to share and pray together - PrayerMate helps you pray for each other every day.

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Tim Challies
“Without hyperbole: PrayerMate revitalized my prayer life”
Tim Challies
Author & Blogger
The Vicar's Wife
“PrayerMate is a superb app”
The Vicar's Wife
Author & Blogger
Adrian Reynolds
“PrayerMate has ignited freshness into my praying”
Adrian Reynolds
Associate National Director, FIEC

Pray for the latest prayer points from the organisations you care about

Find the prayer feeds you care about from the 500+ in the app and keep fighting in prayer.

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Keep your prayer fresh

Unsure how to pray, or find your prayers quickly become stale? PrayerMate's prayer packs help you by giving you quality prayers to pray through. Whether it's time-tested Biblical and traditional prayers, or prayers from your favourite pastor and the PrayerMate team, there's something to help you pray for every need in your life. Why not add "10 things to pray for your pastor" or "Praying with Paul"?

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PrayerMate helps you encourage prayer amongst your supporters. Publish prayer feeds to keep everyone up to date, or start prayer groups and get people praying for each other. We help you build a culture of prayerfulness in your church or amongst your supporters.

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